Federal Criminal Charges

A Federal criminal record is much more serious than a record acquired in a local or state justice system. Offenses that typically fall under Federal criminal jurisdiction include many white collar crimes, fraud, and drug trafficking. If you possess a Federal criminal record the repercussions can affect you regardless of your current state of residence.

If you are currently being charged in Federal criminal court, it is important that you speak with an experienced Federal defense lawyer immediately. If you have a prior criminal record in Federal court this can impact sentencing in current or future cases according to the Federal Sentencing Guidelines

Don’t trust your freedom and liberty to a lawyer who practices Federal work part-time, or who is new to the Federal system. There is a vast difference between the state and Federal court system. Palmieri Law offices have been defending Federal criminal cases in Florida since 2003. The majority of our caseload comes from Federal matters.

Other Criminal Charges

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